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Why do I feel sad when I see people eating alone?为什么我看到有人单独吃饭的时候会觉得难过?

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Because you’re projecting how you would feel if eating alone... sad.因为你在设想如果你一个人吃饭会有什么感觉······就是难过。

Your feeling, however, may not be at all in accord with what the lone diner is feeling. Introverts in particular are quite happy eating by themselves. In fact, certain kinds of company can spoil the whole occasion.但是,你的感觉可能与那位独食者的感觉完全不一样。尤其是性格内向的人,很喜欢一个人吃饭。实际上,某些同伴们反而会破坏整个氛围。

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Most likely because you view dining as a social activity. That’s fine, but for many — including me — it’s an experience whose value lies primarily in the enjoyment of quality food, good service and the gracious ambiance of a good restaurant. I’ve dined alone in fine restaurants for decades with great satisfaction and no need or desire for company, which can often be a distraction from leisurely enjoyment of the dining experience.大概是因为你把吃饭看作是一种社交活动。这没什么,但是对很多人来说(包括我),吃饭这种经历的价值主要是在于享受美味的食物、优质的服务以及优质餐厅里的美好氛围。几十年来我一直在一家很棒的餐馆一个人吃饭,对此非常满意,不需要、也不希望有人陪我,这只会让我从愉快的用餐享受中分心。

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You are telling yourself a story as to why the person is eating alone. You are mind reading, or attempting to guess the situation of a person you know nothing about.你给自己讲了个那人为什么单独吃饭的故事,你在猜测他的心理,或者尝试去猜测那个人的处境,尽管你对他一无所知。

That person might just want to have a bit of peace and quiet while eating. They need not be the social outcasts that you think they are.那个人也许想在吃饭的时候享受片刻安宁,他们并不是你以为的那种社交的弃儿。

Or perhaps it is you who have the problem? Maybe you are afraid to be alone? Maybe you grew up with a lot of siblings and have been surrounded with family members and were taught that you have to have people around you all of the time? Maybe you are afraid of what you will hear in your mind, when the sounds of the world shut off, and you are left with only yourself for company?或者有可能是你自己有这种问题?也许你很害怕独处?也许你有很多兄弟姐妹一起长大,一直以来都和家人在一起,也被教育说你应该一直和别人在一起?也许你害怕听到和整个世界隔绝开来并且只有自己一个人时你内心的声音?