• Moreover, students should be prepared not just for their first job, but for their 4th and 5th jobs, as there's little reason to doubt that people entering the workforce today will be called upon to play many different roles over the course of their careers.
  • What does the author say about the so called soft subjects?
  • But a new application called Inkling might change all that.
  • Senator Charles Schumer called on Facebook to change its privacy policy.
  • They called each other by unaffectionate nicknames
  • One such game, called World of Warcraft, is cited on many sites by posters complaining of a "gaming addiction.
  • Has the mechanic called the bus repairers?
  • Frankly, Mary is not what I'd called easy-going.
  • I especially like the episode called "The Printer's Devil
  • Proverbs, sometimes called sayings, are examples of folk wisdom.
  • A man called Naddodd was on his way from Norway to the Faroe Islands, north of England, when his ship was caught in a storm.
    2017年12月四级真题(第一套)听力 Section C
  • After such an experience an animal often remains passive even when it can effect change—a state they called learned helplessness.
    2016年12月四级真题(第二套)阅读 Section B
  • Called "the Wattway," the roads will be built through joint efforts with the French road-building company Colas and the National Institute of Solar Energy.
    2017年12月四级真题(第二套)听力 Section A
  • French Emperor Napoleon Bonaparte was known to be unimpressed by the declining taste of early 18th century cooking, but under pressure to entertain Paris' high society, he too called Careme to his kitchen at Tuileries Palace.
    2018年12月四级真题(第二套)阅读 Section B
  • If you were like most children, you probably got upset when your mother called you by a sibling's name.
    2019年6月四级真题(第一套)阅读 Section C
  • In 2011, a University of North Carolina business professor named John Kasarda published a book called Aerotropolis: The Way We'll live Next.
    2019年12月四级真题(第一套)阅读 Section B
  • In a 2011 USPS case study, the agency emphasized its massive infrastructure as a "unique federal asset" to be called upon in a disaster or terrorist attack.
    2019年12月四级真题(第二套)阅读 Section B
  • like cats, babies appear to engage in what's called "preferential looking"—looking longer at things that are interesting or unusual than things they perceive as normal.
    2018年12月四级真题(第三套)阅读 Section C
  • Moses called two local bee specialists who helped remove the bees by attracting them into a box.
    2017年6月四级真题(第二套)听力 Section A
  • Muscle performance can also be affected by a phenomenon called "central fatigue", in which an imbalance in the body's chemical messengers prevents the central nervous system from directing muscle movements effectively.
    2017年6月四级真题(第三套)阅读 Section A
  • So we work very closely with a great group of volunteers called the One Thousand Elders.
    2019年6月四级真题(第一套)听力 Section C
  • Some asked subjects about incidents where someone close to them一family or friend一had called them by another person's name.
    2019年6月四级真题(第一套)阅读 Section C
  • Texas Tech University is even offering a class called "Improving Your Sleep Habits".
    2016年6月四级真题(第二套)听力 Section A
  • The British government has called for more men to consider a career in nursing.
    2019年12月四级真题(第二套)听力 Section A
  • The other surveys asked about times when subjects had themselves called someone close to them by the wrong name.
    2019年6月四级真题(第一套)阅读 Section C
  • The project is called Writing On it All, and it's a participatory writing project and artistic experiment that has happened on Governor's Island every summer since 2013.
    2019年6月四级真题(第三套)阅读 Section C
  • think that things have become very gloomy these days, lots of misunderstanding, misleading cues, a lot of what the ancients would have called sophistry.
    2016年6月四级真题(第二套)阅读 Section B
  • Whenever she called her parents or other relatives, she always had to think about the time difference so that she wouldn't wake someone up or call when she knew they were at church.
    2017年6月四级真题(第一套)听力 Section C
  • Texting has long been bemoaned (哀叹)as the downfall of the written word,""penmanship for illiterates,"as one critic called it.
  • Afree Web application for this purpose, called my IDF.
  • My colleagues and I are studying something called augmented reality (a field of computer research dealing with the combination of real-world and virtual reality)," said Christopher Dede, professor in learning technologies at Harvard University, "Alien Contact," for example, is an exercise developed for middle-school students who use hand-held devices that can determine their location.
  • Stored underground in large salt caves in Louisiana, this stockpile is called the Strategic Petroleum Reserve, and currently contains over 600 million barrels of oil, roughly equivalent to one month's supply
  • Peter Orszag, Obama's Budget Director, recently called the US budget deficits unsustainable and he's right.
  • More and more people I know seem to be turning to yoga, or meditation(沉思),or tai chi(太极); these aren't New Age fads(时尚的事物)so much as ways to connect with what could be called the wisdom of old age
  • Books whose copyright holders are not known are called orphan works.
  • Richard Jackson and Neil Howe of America's CSIS, in a thoughtful book called The Graying of the Great Powers, argue that, among other things, the ageing of the developed countries will have a number of serious security implications.
  • Town meetings called to discuss the problem inevitably dissolved into confrontations.
  • I called the company this morning
  • They've called a special meeting at work.
  • What he tried to do was to teach a male dolphin called Bass and a female called Doris to communicate with each other across a solid barrier.
  • It's called that because in the old days, people let their cattle stray on the area, which was common land.
  • What does the man say about the area called the Stray
  • Proverbs, sometimes called sayings, are examples of folk wisdom.
  • The problem relates to the way data is stored on large websites: While your personal computer only keeps one copy of a file, large-scale services like Facebook rely on what are called content delivery networks to manage data and distribution.
  • 30 people were present, and all, except me, me from the island called McClure in the nation of nut.
    2018年12月六级真题(第一套)听力 Section C
  • A New York city-based nonprofit called Bridge to Enter Mathematics runs a residential summer program aimed at getting underserved students, mostly black and hispanic, working toward math and science careers.
    2017年6月六级真题(第三套)阅读 Section B
  • A roboticist at the Bristol Robotics Laboratory programmed a robot to save human proxies (替身) called H-bots from danger.
    2017年12月六级真题(第二套)阅读 Section C
  • And he has a theory of love that argues that it's made up of three components: intimacy,passion and commitment, or what is sometimes called decision commitment.
    2016年12月六级真题(第一套)听力 Section C
  • Another influential feeder for advanced-math students is an online school called Art of Problem Solving, which began about 13 years ago and now has 15,000 users.
    2017年6月六级真题(第三套)阅读 Section B
  • As the ocean warms, a body of water called the Antarctic Polar Front - an upward movement of nutrient-rich sea that supports a huge abundance of marine life - is being pushed further south. This means that king penguins, which feed on fish and krill in th
    2019年12月六级真题(第三套)阅读 Section C
  • Health and environmental advocates have long urged U.S.government agencies to tighten the use of some of the 11 chemicals the report cites and called for more studies on their long-term effects.
    2015年12月六级真题(第一套)阅读 Section A
  • I was lucky enough to have my tuition covered by a lottery-funded scholarship called HOPE Helping Outstanding Pupils Educationally.
    2018年6月六级真题(第三套)阅读 Section B
  • I'm watching a comedy called The Big Bang Theory.
    2019年12月六级真题(第一套)听力 Section A
  • I'm watching a great satire called Frankie.
    2019年12月六级真题(第一套)听力 Section A
  • In Brazil, multinational corporation Adidas has been running a shoe-recycling program called "Sustainable Footprint" since 2012.
    2019年6月六级真题(第二套)阅读 Section B
  • In his latest experiment, published online in August, Steinberg and his colleagues used a computerized version of a card game called the Iowa Gambling Task to investigate how the presence of peers affects the way young people gather and apply information.
    2018年6月六级真题(第二套)阅读 Section B
  • In the rusty red deserts of South Africa, steep-sided rocky hills called inselbergs rear up from the plains like the bones of the earth.
    2018年6月六级真题(第一套)阅读 Section B
  • It's standing in the path of what Schumpeter called a gale of creative destruction.
    2019年6月六级真题(第一套)阅读 Section B
  • Just off the coast of Southern California sits Santa Cruz Island, where a magical creature called the island fox dwells .
    2018年12月六级真题(第三套)阅读 Section A
  • Londa Schiebinger, a professor of the history of science at Stanford University, called this passage rather astonishing.
    2018年12月六级真题(第二套)阅读 Section B
  • More than a decade ago, cognitive scientists John Bransford and Daniel Schwartz, both then at Vanderbilt University, found that what distinguished young adults from children was not the ability to retain facts or apply prior knowledge to a new situation b
    2015年12月六级真题(第二套)阅读 Section C
  • One of the largest feeders for high school math competitions—including those that eventually lead to the IMO— is a middle school program called Math Counts.
    2017年6月六级真题(第三套)阅读 Section B
  • One recent study attempted to calculate the extent of this "ecological overshoot of the human economy", and found that we are using 1.2 Earth's-worth of environmental goods and services—the implication being that at some point the debt will be called in,
    2016年6月六级真题(第三套)阅读 Section B
  • Online services like Facebook, Twitter and the like, are called out as masters of manipulation—making products so good that people can't stop using them.
    2017年12月六级真题(第一套)阅读 Section B
  • Retail reinvention is not a simple process, and it's also not happening on what used to be called "Internet time".
    2019年6月六级真题(第一套)阅读 Section B
  • Rodriguez is the community and marketing manager for a company called Sentab.
    2019年6月六级真题(第一套)阅读 Section C
  • She is expecting up to 20 people at the first meeting she has called, at her local pub in the Cornish village of Polperro.
    2015年12月六级真题(第二套)阅读 Section B
  • Such findings, he says, suggest that "this network can be called on to process and store the kind of information taught in school—potentially giving students access to a range of untapped mental powers".
    2018年6月六级真题(第二套)阅读 Section B
  • The Cascadia Earthquake Zone is big enough to compete with San Andreas it's been called the most dangerous fault in Americ, but it's much lesser known than its California cousin.
    2019年12月六级真题(第一套)阅读 Section C
  • Then names of African-American leaders and heroes are called out, and everyone reflects upon the great things these people did.
    2017年12月六级真题(第一套)听力 Section C
  • Then, one day, I came across a book, called In Praise of Slowness, and realized that being busy is not only detrimental, but also has the danger of turning life into an endless race.
    2018年6月六级真题(第一套)听力 Section B
  • They called a submarine an iron fish and a small bomb thrown by hand a potato.
    2018年6月六级真题(第二套)听力 Section B
  • They were called the Navajo code talkers.
    2018年6月六级真题(第二套)听力 Section B
  • When these side effects occur, they are called adverse reactions.
    2017年12月六级真题(第二套)听力 Section C
  • Adjective
    1. given or having a specified name;
    "they called his name Jesus""forces...which Empedocles called `love' and `hate'""an actor named Harold Lloyd""a building in Cardiff named the Temple of Peace"
    2. known or spoken of as;
    "though she is named Katherine, she is called Kitty"
  • 铁道: 被叫;